Feedback from our Guests:




Excellent service from Julio, during and after the sale. I was surprised for the great deal I got. Thanks to all!      H J 9/15/2010


We were extremely pleased with the service we got from MR Smith and MR Bruossard. CV 9/19/2010


I just want to thank Babacar and the Finance guy, they were so helpful!  AA 9/19/2010


I love you guys, always willing to work with a persons needs. Thanks you to our Sales Represenative (Rick) and Finance Person(John) that helped me, they were real help. I will forever always remain a customer there@ Mike Calvert Toyota. Once again Thank You!  MC 9/21/2010


Exceeded my expectations. It was the easiest, most comfortable experience from beginning to end. SH 9/23/2010


Very helpful and friendly Salesperson Brandon Dykes. First time I buy a car in the US, but very surprised at the old-tech way the sale and related paperwork is conducted in the year 2010.....Most importantly..the car is good so far!  JV 9/25/2010


I appreciated the way your Staff accomidated me.Once again the sales Staff(Managers) listened to me and did not try and cram a bunch of stuff i did not want down my throat.Having worked in the car business in the past, i know there is an extreme amount of pressure in most dealerships to extract as much money from the customer as possible ( fabric protection, paint sealent,wheel locks, pin stripes, extended warranties,etc) and with the economy as it is I dreaded the prospect of shopping for a New Truck. As it turned out, after much reasearch, I walked into your dealership witha certain stock number and asked the Salesman to look at the truck. I was fortunate to have Kadeem Francis assist me. He listened and answered my questions without any BS and we got the keys for a test drive. After arriving back at the dealership, I told him what i was willing to pay for the truck based on my research and the amount offered for my trade. Knowing there always has to be a counter offer, when he went back to the "Manager",and there was not a long wait, we came to an agreement and the deal was made. There was no sweating the customer by letting him sit in an office while the salesperson and the manager told jokes or smoked cigarettes and then telling them 'my manager says "the only way we can cut the price is out of my commission" or some BS like that. Quick and realtively easy. Thank you!  RB 9/27/2010


I love your Dealership and the Sales team!!! I had the most incredible person ever, Prince Adrian helped with excellent service from the time I walked in the front door till I drove away in my brand new Camry!!! Thank you for the chance to do Business...I will stay with your car lot for many years to come. MS 9/26/2010


My Wife and I had an excellent transaction with MR Raul. He did an excellent job. We would rate his service to us as excellent. He is proffesional and friendly. This is our second time coming there and completeing the transaction. He motivated us to come back. Both times our transactions went thru. R&D I 10/1/2010


Miguel Iraheta is an excellent Sales Agent, he made all the procedure so much easier and he explains everything very detailed. Congratulations for having him as a part of your Sales team!  GN 10/2/2010



Everyone I talked with at Mike Calvert Toyota conducted themselves in a very professional manner. There was no pressure involved. My overall experience was positive and pleasant. Special thanks to Daisy Mastrioanni and Julio Florez for assisting me!  IW 10/21/2010




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