Drivers near Houston, Sugarland, and Pearland, TX, who are the proud owners of a Toyota Tundra probably already know that routine maintenance is the key to your truck’s longevity. There are several signs your Tundra is ready for its service, which can be found in the maintenance schedule located inside your owner’s manual.

Your truck is also designed to alert you when you need both maintenance and repairs with its dashboard lights. There are quite a few lights to recognize on your Toyota Tundra, which is why our team at Mike Calvert Toyota has put together this helpful guide for you to check out. Schedule a service appointment for more assistance.

Toyota Tundra Dashboard lights Houston TX

Differences Between Indicator and Warning Lights

To ensure your Toyota Tundra continues to stay in amazing shape, paying attention to the lights that appear on your dash is vital. There are several types of dashboard lights, including indicator and warning lights. Indicator lights are important to pay attention to, but they usually aren’t urgent. On the other hand, warning lights let you know if there is an issue with your vehicle and to schedule service right away.

To give you an idea of some of the lights you could see pop up on your Toyota Tundra dashboard, we included some common indicator and warning lights below.

Toyota Tundra Houston TX

Indicator Lights

Some of the indicator lights you may experience while driving the Toyota Tundra include:

Washer Fluid Indicator: When you see a light that looks like a windshield and wiper, your vehicle is letting you know you’re in need of washer fluid fill-up.

Low Coolant Temperature: When a dashboard light of a blue thermometer appears after turning the engine on, it’s letting you know the engine is not yet warm enough to drive.

Cruise Control: If an icon that replicated a speedometer comes on the Toyota Tundra dashboard, your vehicle is indicating your cruise control is set during driving.

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

Warning Lights

If you see any of the following dashboard lights, it’s important you schedule your next service with us as soon as possible:

Tire Pressure Warning Light: A symbol of an exclamation point inside an open circle is indicating your tire pressure is either too low or too high. Driving with tires that have incorrect air pressure is dangerous and they should have their air filled or reduced right away.

Low Engine Oil: When an orange oil can icon appears, it’s indicating that your oil levels may be too low. To avoid potential damage to your engine, you’ll want to schedule your next oil change appointment with us sooner rather than later.

ABS Warning Light: As soon as the letters ABS appear on your dashboard, you may need to have the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) sensor replaced, so be sure to give us a call!

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If one of your Toyota Tundra dashboard lights is currently appearing, give our team at Mike Calvert Toyota a call today to schedule your service! We look forward to helping drivers near Houston, Sugarland, and Pearland, Texas, keep their truck running smoothly for years to come!

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